A great chance for a close-up look at the Antrodia camphorate!-
"At the Timing Antrodia camphorata Museum you can have your own personal Antrodia camphorata linden wood! "
Acting as leader in the industry, the Timing Pharmaceutical Group has created an Antrodia camphorata banking system with exclusive customized services for Antrodia camphorata purchasing that include 3 main advantages:
Advantage 1 A legal source of Antrodia camphorata.
Advantage 2 A professional team with many years of experience.
Advantage 3 Friendly pre- and post-purchasing services.
All of the Antrodia camphorata sold at the Antrodia camphorata Bank comes from linden wood approved for sale by the Forestry Bureau, so that consumers may acquire reliable Antrodia camphorata free of concern. Additionally, a technical team from the Timing Pharmaceutical Group will provide high standard and high quality Antrodia camphorata inoculation services for all of the purchased Antrodia camphorata linden wood, working hard to cultivate your Antrodia camphorata. Before and after the sales, the bank will provide you with professional consultation services, making it easy for you to own a piece of Taiwan’s treasured Antrodia camphorata, so that you can easily take care of your own personal health and that of your family.
1. Antrodia camphorata linden wood sales, professional cultivation, agency nursery care.
2. Customized exclusive Antrodia camphorata flowering body processing.
3. Sales of raw Antrodia camphorata slices.
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